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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sustainable tourism part 1.

What are the principles of sustainable tourism?

If you are a tourist operator
  • Know how to conserve and manage tourism resources, so that they provide long term benefits.
  • Avoid over-use and reduce waste when consuming tourism resources.
  • Maintain and promote social, cultural, and natural diversity.
  • Integrate the tourism operation with strategic plans and activeties at both the natural and local levels.
  • Promote local business by using locally made products.
  • Ensure local people have opportunities to develop tourism operations.
  • Consult all stakeholders to determine positive and negative outcomes from the operation. Manage the operation to enhance positive and minimise negative outcomes.
  • Provide appropriate staff training to improve the quality of personnel and enhance tourism services and standards.
  • Prepare marketing material that promotes your operation as contributing to sustainable tourism.
  • Research and mitigate impacts of your operation on the destination. This will improve knowledge about sustainable tourism and conserve the destination.



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